It’s Severe Bdsm Action As You Like It In Here!

severe bdsm

Ow! This cutie is all into that severe bdsm and judging from these pictures she’s in it up to her pretty little nipples and more! You love clipping those tight clothespins to her pink soft skin and watching them clamp down hard on her soft girlish nipples. She whines and cries as each clothespin and clamp is used to bring about more pain and pleasure to her teen body. Go ahead and smile as you are her master and she must obey as you inflict sensual pain to her soft innocent body. This is the bdsm humiliation fun you’ve been looking for!

BDSM humiliation inside just for you!

Plump Schoolgirl Gets Some Slut Punishment!

She’s a plump one but this girl with the dreadlocks is happy someone can dish out some nice punishment on her fat juicy butt.

slut punishment

Check out the way this dude is handling her soft plump bottom. You’ld like to get in there too and you would do the same thing you see in this picture set. Teaching her who the boss is by giving her a spanking she surely deserves. Watch as her ass cheeks turn red from the force of your hand strikes. Watch as her plump ass cheeks ripple like pudding with every forceful blow. She whines and cries and wriggles about like a caught rabbit and you enjoy every moment of it! Go on in and show this slut what punishment you can really dish out!

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Extreme Torture Sex At It’s Best And Just For You!

Extreme torture sex

I can’t believe what this girl Hailey Young is doing in this picture set featuring the best of extreme torture sex! She’s tied up, hoiseted by rope, chains, gagged, spanked and forced to fuck by her bdsm master. That’s you by the way! You have her where you want her and she can’t escape! Go ahead and beat her and put those nipple clamps on her pert blonde titties. Make her cry for mercy through her gag and then show her none with your whips and other sinister devices. Your cock gets hard at the prospect of having Hailey Young as your bdsm slave!

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Watch Krissy Kage In Her Slut Punishment Adventures!

slut punishment

Hardcore bdsm takes a new twist with this set of pics featuring Krissy Kage! Yes, the pun was intended. Krissy goes through every form of slut punishment we’re able to show in this picture gallery. Krissy gets her tits all tied up tight til they’re almost blue. She’s suspended from hoists and looks like she’s on vacation at the Spanish Inquisition. Tit clamps, pussy clamps, ropes, chains, and every kind of imaginable. This is the kind of slut punishment content you’ve been looking for!

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Vicky Van Warren Gets A Charge Out Of Extreme Sex Torture!

extreme sex torture

This girl lets the whole thing hang out in this picture set! Nipple clamps, ropes, chains, hot candle wax, you name it, she’s going for it! Her captors show now mercy and you shouldn’t! Hanging her from the stockade or ceiling, twirling her and torturing her titties, pouring hot burning candle wax on her erect nipples and watching them quiver and turn beet red under it’s searing heat. This woman knows a merciless master and you can have your way with her as she’s not going to escape you!

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Hot Model Scarlett Green In Pain Torture Sex Scene Action!

pain torture sex

This is just too extreme to believe. Hardcore model Scarlett Green undergoes some serious pain torture sex in this pic series. Just look at this stuff. Have you ever seen such extreme bdsm action like what’s seen here? There’s everything for the role playing bdsm fan and Scarlett Green is the willing victim to this torture chamber of sex and horror! She’s got tit clamps and pussy clips and rope crotch action and it just goes on and on. You are her master and you will not let her escape your clutches. This is extreme pain torture sex that you just can’t pass up!

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Blonde cutie gets some serious extreme nipple play

extreme nipple play

This cute blonde with the big tits is in for some trouble and fun as she engages in some serious extreme nipple play! Just look at her big jiggly melons as she has them nipple clamped and pulled til she winces in pain and pleasure. You love extreme nipple play and this girl is just the right type for this kind of action. She loves being the love slave of a master who knows how to do the hard kind of nipple play she loves. You pinch and pull on her tits til she screams and then for the final touch you you break out the hot candle wax and begin to drip, drip, drip, on her big fat jugs and she writhes and winces and cries out as the candle wax builds up to a coating. Go on in and get in on the action!

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Tits And Cunt Torture Using Weights

Here is an example of severe tits and cunt torture using some simple clips and weights. In order to inflict severe pain on a slave you need not pierce the flesh you can also simply pull it to it’s extremes!
Pay particular attention here to how beautifully a slave’s nipples can be elongated using some special clamps. This will increase the pain and also provides a really nice look for the dominant who enjoys nice long nipples, or perhaps later, a bit of piercing.

tits and cunt torture

Anyway back to the action in this scene. Both tits and cunt are clamped up nicely and good and tight no use having those weights slip off – is there? The clamps on this slave slut’s cunt is attached to her most sensitive flesh providing more opportunities for pain for the discriminating sadist and masochist.

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Outdoor Bondage For The Purpose of Whipping Tits

I want to direct your attention today to the cute little blonde slave tied up to a makeshift cross on a tree. Bondage and BDSM enthusiasts are so inventive don’t you agree?

Whipping Tits

In the first section of the scene this pretty slave has her nipples pinned and though looking rather uncomfortable hasn’t reached near the level of misery she will soon.
After the pins are forcefully removed her pretty and as yet unmarked tits are flogged. The instrument used looks like a well made and may I note "unknotted" cat of nine. Knotting on the ends carries the danger of cutting skin but a cat of nine even unknotted will deliver a very severe whipping especially on the tender tit flesh . Good thing she is tied up or she might be squirming too hard to make an effective and accurate hit. No use marring her face by accident!
In the second section of this scene her pretty ass is then flogged with the same cat of nines. This will make panty (if she is allowed to wear panties that is) and bra wearing for the next few days strictly out of the question!

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Extreme Electro Pain BDSM Scene

Electricity play can range from mild and pleasurable (though shocking) to extremly painful and fit only for the most hardened pain slut. Today’s little update is full of some very painful electro shock play.

Electro Pain

Notice this slut’s nipples and the reddened area around them. Also notice the electrodes applied to her thighs this can lead to a range of intense sensations with electrodes placed in these key spots. The foremost among them is pain of course but add in a huge dildo attached to a fucking machine and eventually this slave will be treated to an orgasm through her pain. Of course getting there is most of the fun for the true sadistic dominant.
The jolts she was receiving look to be pretty intense (notice her muscle definition and how hard her body is tensing up) and the pain was surely intense. Even that huge dildo up her pussy could not have taken the edge of that level of pain.

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